Political Cartoon American Businesses Trapped Like Chilean Miners by Obamacare

Henry Payne’s cartoon:   American Businesses Trapped like Chilean Miners by Obamacare
I.   Context Issue
In Chili on August 5th, 2010, the San Jose mine in the Atacama Desert collapsed, trapping thirty three miners.   Two days later, a second collapse hindered rescue efforts by preventing the rescue workers from getting to the lower part of the mine where the miners were.   Several drills were then made from the surface in hopes of finding the miners (Hundreds Turn).   Finally, seventeen days later, a note was attached to a search drill by one of the miners.   The note read "Estamos bien en el refugio los 33."   In English this translates to: "All of us are well inside the shelter" (Webley).   The miners were found 688 meters underground.   Miraculously, all thirty three miners survived with only a half a teaspoon of tuna a day, for seventeen long days (Hundreds Turn).
You would think water would be an issue in the Atacama Desert, which is considered the driest place on earth.   Deep in the San Jose Mine, it is very hot and humid.   In the mine, the rock walls are sealed with clay that is filled with water.   The miners were able to use a bulldozer to scrape the mine floor for virtually an unlimited supply of water.   No one wants to be trapped underground, but if you had to be, you might choose the San Jose mine.   Aside from mental and psychological problems, the miners had very few physical health risks.   There wasn’t any worry of hypothermia in the hot caves.   Explosive or toxic gasses, such as carbon monoxide or methane, were not abundant enough to cause any problems.   Copper sulfate didn’t generate the very bad smelling sulfur dioxide, because mining operations were stopped.   A rock burst, which is a phenomenon that causes the rock walls to explode from the pressure of the earth, can be very deadly.   This could be very dangerous, but is very unlikely to happen, because the collapse would have released any stress that the mine structure may have had.   It may have been...