Presidential Elections of 2012

Presidential Elections of 2012
ENG 102
Lesson 12: Final Draft Research Paper

Within the past seventy years, no incumbent has won reelection with unemployment above 7.2%, with reported unemployment currently more than 8% less than seven months before election. Therefore, every registered voter that chooses to step into the voters box to cast their ballot deserves to be given the most accurate and unbiased facts possible to be able to make an educated decision. When President Obama was elected, history was rewritten, and within his first term, Obama accomplished things that many set out to accomplish but failed to achieve. On the other hand Mitt Romney has set out in hopes to get a chance to accomplish what President Obama has yet to do. Even though President Obama has accomplished historic events during his first term, was it enough to secure his second term, or will Republican candidate Mitt Romneys strengths and stance on certain trending topics be enough to move him into the White House?
One thing is for sure, President Obama and Mitt Romney, both bring their own strengths to the table. However, as we all know, with the ups come the downs. Thus both candidates also bring their fair share of weaknesses.
Currently with an approval rating at less than fifty percent, many would say that President Obama has several weaknesses, but along the way we have also see his strengths exhibited by the accomplishments he has achieved while in his first term. A strength that Obama has going for him is the fact that he is well liked by women and minorities. According to a national poll, President Barak Obamas popularity with women and minorities contribute to his 49%-42% lead over Romney which is clearly showing how this strength is working in his favor (Hanson 1). On the other hand, remind you with an approval rating less than fifty percent, there are also his downfalls. A known weakness of the President is that many see him as an indecisive president consequently it...