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Riordan Manufacturing Gap Analysis
Jorge Baro
April 25, 2011
Bob Ficken

Riordan Manufacturing Gap Analysis
Riordan Manufacturing is a successful Fortune 1000 company in the global plastics production industry and “boasts revenue in excess of $1 billion” (University of Phoenix, 2011).
Declining sales and profitability in the last couple of years has pressed the company to reconsider its business model and transform the way it manufacturers and markets its products. Riordan Manufacturing has recently made a strategic change to a team-based sales customer relationship management system (CRM).The adoption of this new system has restructured the plans into self-directed work teams. These changes are already negatively impacting employee job satisfaction and retention (University of Phoenix, 2011). Unfortunately, there is dissention among the executive team as to the cause and solutions to the problem. Employee motivation has to be faced on a day-to-day basis by organizations. It can cause career dissatisfaction and employee turnover when not curved. Organizations should implement strategies that equally reward and motivate employees.   To obtain the support of company stakeholders, CEO, and founder, Michael Riordan knows he has to make the company more effective by aligning its HR management practices with its employees and will need to make whatever changes are necessary to keep key employees. “Value from HR practices will be defined by investors, customers, line managers and employees. When HR professionals understand the theory and choices for people and performance, they will create action plans that invest in the most effective HR practices” (Ulrich & Burbank, April 21, 2011).
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
The new reorganization efforts and systems changes at Riordan Manufacturing have created many companies issues and opportunities. Riordan Manufacturing has implemented a new team-based CRM   system causing several HR...