Remembering Eileen

Remembering Eileen 4

Remembering Eileen

Danielle Metcalf

Academic Discourse I

Jill Evans

June 3, 2010

Remembering Eileen 4

An author, whose name I do not know, once said “It's important to keep a twinkle in your

wrinkle”. Eileen understood these words. She lived by them day to day. Though a demon was winning

a   war with her mind, she never lost touch with her soul. No matter how powerful the demon would

grow,   it was no match for her thriving spirit. There was one day, though, I think her spirit grew tired

and was almost ready to throw in the white flag...

As every other day, I began my rounds at six o'clock in the morning. The Reminiscence hall at

the nursing home was not fit for just anyone. It takes a special caring, a unique understanding. The

patients fought daily to keep what was so precious to them-their minds. It was a privilege for me to

help make their days of battle a little easier.

The first stop of the day, as always, was room 400. Under the number was a gold plate engraved

with the name Eileen. To the side of it, a pink construction paper cut-out hand, her name inside as well.

It was decorated with dainty white beads, looking like strings of pearls, and painted red ovals as if to be

manicured nails.

“Good morning, Eileen.” I gently said. She rubbed her eyes and stretched out far before seeing

it was me who was waking her. Reaching up with both hands, gently patting my cheeks, she smiled

and said “Hi, honey”, as she did everyday.

Eileen's sweet greeting always touched my heart. Due to the progress of her Alzheimer's

disease, she never said much. All anyone else ever heard from her was a giggle here and there. The

only other words she spoke were those times she chased the home's cat named Ethel. Eileen would

playfully follow her, with the innocence of a child, calling out “Lucky....Luuuucky...”

There was something special about Eileen. Nothing ever brought her down....