A Night to Remember

Maria Hernandez
Mrs. Julie Chen
English 1301-01
September 25, 2009

A Night to Remember
Have you ever felt like you don't live your life to it's fullest? Was there ever a time that you   felt left out, or trapped in your own world because you don't do what everybody else does? I felt like that almost throughout my whole teenage years. One night I said, “It's time to get out this hole and live.” Turns out that it became one of the worst nights of my life. I was rushed to the emergency room at 3:30a.m. because someone had poisoned my drink. I don’t remember a lot, but I was told by my peers what really happened.
  I had just graduated from high school on June 2, 2009, and I couldn’t wait to celebrate my accomplishment. On Friday June 5,   I stepped out the house, looked up at the sky, and I saw how beautiful it was. Right then I thought to myself that nothing can possibly go wrong. I was looking forward to having a night to remember. My cousin, Sharon and I   pulled up to Jarrett's house at around 1a.m. While I walked around nodding my head to the music, I looked behind me, and Sharon was gone. I walked to the kitchen and I saw this guy pouring Hennesey in her cup. Sharon drinks occasionally, but I never had anything more than a wine cooler. After Sharon had a couple more drinks, I noticed that she started to get drunk. I just told her to take it easy and don’t drink anymore. Like around 1:30a.m, most of the people in the house were drinking. They kept pushing me and saying, “Come on Maria, we just graduated so let’s get drunk!”   I just laughed and thought that a couple of drinks wouldn’t hurt. The first thing I drank was a mixture of Crown Royal and Coke. I tasted the alcohol more than the coke, so I told the bartender that, “That's weak, give me something stronger!” As I had refills, I danced around the room and started getting a little bit out of control. While I was dancing, Sharon called me over to the bar and said, “Come on lets drink Flor De Cana!”...