The Day I Can't Remember

The Day I Can’t Remember
I couldn’t believe it when my boss said I’d be making a music video with The Script, it was going to be epic. After all I had only been working with “Rocking Records” for a couple of months, it was my dream to be a famous music producer. Little did I know that this would be my first and my last music video, I was going to go on a wild goose chase that would soon become my life.
It all started that Monday, in Dublin city centre, we had decided to meet the boys in Starbucks on Grafton Street where the video was to be filmed, the Garda had cordoned off the street so that we didn’t have screaming fans attacking the lads while we were filming. I had ordered a caramel latte and was just about to take a seat when they walked through the door.
I very nearly screamed out loud, but, I managed to stay calm and professional. This was my one chance to prove to my boss that I was worth having around. They ordered and I waved them over, they took their seats around me and I couldn’t help but think,
The Script are sitting in Starbucks having coffee, with me.
I introduced myself to them and set off explaining what we would be doing over the course of the day, they seemed happy with everything that I had prepared. I was probably coming off over-eager to them considering I had printed off individual day plans for each of them and even detailed each of their parts in the video. Oh well.
I let them finish up their coffee in peace and walked outside to check if light and sound was dealing okay without me. It looked like everyone was busy and doing something worth-while so I went over to Sam and John, the sound managers,
“Hey guys, how’s everything going? Are we all set?” I said, smiling, these guys we great.
They both gave me quick smiles in return and John said
“Yeh, it’s all good, all we need now is the band and we can start.”
I walked back towards the shop and quietly knocked on the window and gestured for them to come on out.
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