Relevant Factors for Magnetic Separator Effect

Magnetic separators are often used for industrial purposes such as recycling and manufacturing. They are also found in scientific laboratories requiring metallic materials that are free of impurities (often the case in chemistry). In this case, the magnetic separator for sale is usually a cylinder or flask that prevents cross-contamination between two different substances by forcing either all or some of the magnetic materials from one substance into a separate container. Magnetic drum separators provide an efficient means for extracting ferrous material from dry, bulk products in free-flowing processing systems.

The main factors to affect the China magnetic separator effect divided into two categories:

1. affecting the magnetic separator magnetic effect of the most important factor is to give into the magnetic separation of the feed size. To the thickness of the ore particle size on most of the ore, marking the monomer separation of the size of the ore that is, magnetic mineral particles and gangue particles the degree of segregation. If you give into the ore particle size is small, the fossil monomer separation and high, to get the sorting index; if given the relatively crude into the size of ore, the mineral does not fully dissociation, monomer separation is not high, on the contrary even to the living body more magnetic particles and the gangue is still a considerable part of the combine.

2. the concentration of the slurry is one of the main factors influence the effect of magnetic separator magnetic separator mainly refers to the classifier overflow concentration size. If the slurry concentration is too large, resulting in a high concentration of sorting, it will seriously affect the quality of concentrate. Because the concentrate particles finer gangue particles coverage and parcel sorting not open election, along with up to make the grade lower. The slurry concentration is too small separation concentration is too low, would cause the flow...