Had You Cared Magnetic Pole Feature of Magnetic Separator

We all know that the magnetic drum separator is a kind of most widely and commonly used equipment in the mining industries so as to eliminate the iron powder for the reuse of powder grain. At present, the types of magnetic separator are various at home and abroad, and classification methods are different. It can be divided into dry magnetic separator and wet magnetic separator by the sorting in the ore processing plant. But Had You Cared Magnetic Pole Feature of wet Magnetic Separator?

Magnetic drum separator is one of the main equipment of large mines, years of production operation test we can calculate the relative magnetic field intensity magnetic separator equipment at the same value, found that the coincidence, and there is a certain inevitability, because by the magnetic separator plane poles with single tooth, or by the magnetic field which is formed by the plane poles and toothy between, there are many common points, particularly the area near to the symmetry of tooth surface magnetic field.

When we pay attention to in the process about wet Magnetic Separator, so that calculate the difference in the magnetic field of magnetic separator equipment greatly., for example, in the plane poles and cooperate with single tooth poles, on magnetic field characteristics in the influence of the main pole pitch, and planar magnetic pole in magnetic separator equipment and cooperate with tooth poles, main effect is to pitch.This is because, when the plane poles and toothy cooperate, magnetic drum separator in the non-uniform magnetic field length is equal to half of pitch, and under the plane poles of the same magnetic field intensity, continue to increase the pole pitch, the influence of the characteristic of the magnetic field will become very small.This is what we often say that the magnetic field strength of the wet magnetic separator is designed.

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