What Factors Affect the Productivity of Magnet Separator?

At present, The market of China's crushing equipment manufacturers is very extensive, including various industry like chemical, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal, glass and so on. Magnet separator is an ore beneficiation machine with good performance. It has features like good performance, strong beneficiation capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, big market demands, wide application range and wide sales market. The magnetic separator is suitable for wet type separating of materials smaller than 3mm like magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore and ilmenite, and widely used in resources recycling, wood, mining, ceramic, chemistry, food and other industry. It is composed of six parts like cylinder, roller cylinder, brush roller, magnetic system, cell body and transmission part.

There are many factors influencing the magnetic separating effects, and we mainly introduce four of them briefly:

1. If the moving state during materials' magnetic separation is beneficial for magnetic capture. We take a simple example: the magnetic material will stick to the magnet if we gradually put the magnetic materials closer to it. But it may have opposite effect if we throw it on the magnet.

2. If the discharging style of magnetic separator provided by itself is reasonable, namely, if the magnetic field can clean the magnetic materials timely to prepare for the next capture after first capture.

3. If the magnetic field force provided by the magnetic source of separator is suitable. We all know that after the magnetic materials entering into magnetic field, the receiving force is determined by the magnetic force and magnetic field gradienton this spot. It is a serious mistake to pursue strong magnetic field without considerating magnetic field gradienton. But many magnetic separation manufactures didn't consider it fully and lead to its under-qualification.

4. The feeding speed and materials granularity. The feeding speed should take the...