Relationship with Their Pets

It has been said that dogs are mend best friends. Indeed, many people consider
their dog, cat, or bird as a member of their family and closest companion. This kind of
relationship can be good, but when it goes too far, it can also be unhealthy for both
the person and the pet.
In fact, many people feel pets are better friends than people are. They are
unconditionally loyal, and never judge your actions. If you scold them, they don't yell
back and are always happy to see you. Because of these reasons, it is not surprising
that people do nice things for their pets the way they do nice things for family
members. For example, some pet owners buy gifts for their pets on birthdays and
Christmas. Dogs love to go for walks, so many people get up early every morning to
take their dog on a long walk. Both the dog and its owner benefit from the exercise
and this healthy relationship.
However, treating a pet like a family member can be carried too far. Some
people allow their pets to sit with them at the dinner table and share their food. A
friend of mine feeds her dog pizza, spaghetti, or whatever her family happens to be
eating for dinner. This kind of diet can harm the animal. Another concern is that some
people use their pets as substitutes for close human friendships because human
friendships often require a lot of effort. This can be bad when the person has hard
times because there are many things, such as advice and money that a pet cannot give
its owner.
In conclusion, having a close relationship with a pet can be a wonderful,
rewarding experience. When a person treats their pet too much like a family member
or depends on the pet too much, however, problems can arise. People and their pets
need to find a healthy balance.