Communicating and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People

Identify the areas of child development and write briefly about each one.
Physical Development means ‘that the children’s increasing ability to perform more complex physical activities.’ According to Mary Sheridan

The child ‘s physical development should be on
    • appearance of the body ;puberty
    • fine motor skills; holding something up
    • gross motor skills; jumping, running, walking
    • co-ordination (hand eye co-ordination); use of needle

Intellectual Development means that ‘the process of gaining, staring, recalling and using information.’ according to Mary Sheridan.
The child’s intellectual development should be on;
    • able to think
    • listening
    • analysing
    • problem solving
    • remembering (memory)
    • concentration
    • perception
Communication development means that ‘language is key factor.’ According to Mary Sheridan.
The child’s communication development should be on;
    • speech (speaking)
    • language
    • listening
    • non-verbal speaking(body, signing)
    • verbal
    • writing &reading
Social development
    • morals (sense of knowing right or wrong)
    • the child involve in the society(socializing)
    • sharing thing, belonging

Emotional and behavioural development means that’ can be defined as the development of personality and temperament.’ According to Mary Sheridan.
    • feelings
    • personality
    • self-esteem
    • empathy (to understand people’ feeling)
    • sympathy

Element 1.1   Outline the expected pattern of physical development from birth to 19 years.
The child‘s physical development involves appearance of body, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.   The gross motor skills involve walking, running, climbing, jumping and etc. The fine motor skills involve drawing, painting, writing.

According to Mary Sheridan; now I will give the sequence of children’s physical development.0-19 years old.
Age 0-3 months...