Teacher's Pet

The Negative Approach of Being a Teacher’s Pet
In today’s society, some students think the closer they are with their teacher or just because they are athletes, they can get by with not turning a paper in, getting a sneak peek at the answers to a test, or just passing the class.   Teachers need to be cautious and aware of the possibility that some students expect special treatment, or that they may try to deceive them.   An experienced teacher can easily identify a student who is genuinely trying to do well from the one who is trying to take advantage of them.
Having a close teacher-student relationship is not the way to make a good grade.   It is not fair for the students who work hard and make good grades while the athletes get an equal or better grade without putting forth any effort other than playing sports.   Athletes in the class should not be given special privileges because they have practice or other sport related obligations.   They should be capable of doing both the class work and the sport.   If they cannot, then they should make a choice between their education and sports.
Another negative aspect of a teacher’s pet is a student that speaks informally to the teacher in front of the class.   For instance calling them by his or her first name, asking inappropriate questions, or complimenting him or her on the way they look.   This creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone in the room.   It may make some students feel that they cannot compete or put forth an effort to do well in the class.  
Even though the student thinks he or she is just getting by with a late paper, or a few extra points on a test, it does not mean he or she is going to make it after high school.   Students who act on a friendly basis with their high school teacher think they can have the same relationship with their instructors in college, and assume they will automatically pass the class.   College professors are nothing like high school teachers.   Students either make it to...