Reflective Report

In this essay I reflect on my experiences through the semester in ADLT 612 - Learning in Groups and Teams.   First, I will relate those occasions when I felt most engaged in the activities of the classroom and why I believe this was the case.   I will also mention those times when I felt most distanced from the material being presented or discussed.  
I will then reflect on what I learned about myself during the semester as the material unfolded and how this new personal knowledge seems significant to me.   Following these observations, I will explain my selection of best work from the semester and my criteria for its selection.   I will close with an observation about my personal learning needs which were suggested by the semester’s work in this class and how I expect to go about acquiring mastery of these needs.
Experiences of the Semester
Positive and Negative Classroom Experiences – My Engagement in the Material
ADLT 612: Learning in Groups and Team material covered an in-depth study of group development and the dynamics of working in a group with the goal of producing an end work that is enhanced by the diversified views and skills of its members.  
My level of engagement did vary from experience to experience.   As always, my engagement was intensified during those times when the involvement of my classmates and professors in classroom discussions allowed the exchange of ideas representing the differing backgrounds of the participants.   This dynamics, however, did not occur very much during this semester’s work because there were minimal discussions involving the entire class.   My engagement in the material increased significantly when I began to realize that the concepts that I was studying were playing out in my group.   Aside from the basic socialization aspects of any group forming up as they get ready to function together productively on a shared project, there were a few times when the group was able to intellectually engage each...