Mr Ahmed


Reflective Report

24th April 2013

Leadership and Employability- BUSI32605

Word count- 3989


Key aims: The aims of this report are to provide a structure that allows for critical reflection to identify personal strengths, weaknesses, and level of personal development through both my degree and non-degree related experiences. Also identify to what extent I have achieved the Nottingham Trent University Graduate Attributes, in particular the Global Citizenship Graduate Attributes which will in turn help to indicate my appreciation towards international awareness and understanding of sustainability and leadership issues within my chosen discipline and the implications of this.
Key findings: Findings reveal that I have successfully improved on all Global Citizenship Graduate Attributes over the course of my university experience. Further findings identify areas of weakness that have not been fully addressed or improved upon, namely time management skills and level of emotional intelligence.
Key conclusions: Conclusions reveal that the ability to time manage is a skill which requires immediate action. Similarly, improving level of Spanish commutations skills and level of emotional intelligence will develop self-confidence and self-esteem which will in turn improve employment prospects. Furthermore, issues concerning employability, leadership and sustainability within chosen discipline are understood but require more in depth and sector specific knowledge to really understand their implications.
Key recommendations: Key recommendations include; a three year action plan to improve Spanish skills up to A level capabilities, improve time management skills through own initiative and use of stakeholders for additional support, and aim to improve level of emotional intelligence by increasing stakeholder network and making use of personal development resources offered by graduate job company.

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