Hope for the Flowers (a Reflective Essay)

hope for the flowers
(a reflective essay)
by: majo

Each one of us has a specific goal. Each one of us has a specific purpose that is

why we are created. The earth is a place for us to wander. The earth is the place where

we are finding the reason for our living.

      What is the Purpose of life? Many people ask themselves this question yet they’re not

doing anything to attain the answer to this question. Many people have no definite aim in

life just as like travelers going ahead without any destination. Everyone wants to be

successful yet some are not finding the “real” reason for living.

        When we were born in this world, we lived a normal life as expected. When were still

young as a baby, the only goal we have was to eat and grow. But as we get older and

older, we have something else to do rather than doing such routine over and over again.

        Just as like Stripe, who gets tired of his everyday routine, we also get tired of what

we keep on doing that is why we think that there must be something more to life out there.

We go out and discover, we look for something interesting, and we are finding the most

perfect thing that would satisfy us.

Days go by and by and time passes, we grow older and older and we have a particular

goal in life: to gain success, to reach the top. We dream to be someone someday.    

We get fascinated with different material things yet we get unsatisfied eventually.

What’s wrong with most of us is that we don’t believe in ourselves. We were too excited,

too eager to be where the others are that we rush into something we don’t even know.

Rushing that gives us no time to think of our own capabilities to soar high, reach the top,

and discover more. We can all be butterflies; all we need is take time to contemplate

ourselves, develop our hidden potentials and use them to be where we want to be. We

can all fly. There’s a world of difference between flying...