Reflective Essay on Missing Needle

Reflective Essay on missing Needle


Reflection practice is viewed as an important strategy for healthcare professional learning. And as been identified as one of the key ways in which we can learn from our experiences (jasper 2003). Engaging in reflective practice is associated with improvement of the quality of care, Reflective learning and reflective practice are all strategies to help us learn from our
experiences (jasper 2006). As a Trainee Operating department practitioner (TODP) it is hard to know where to start. There are quite a few models of reflection and techniques. There johns (2000) model for structured reflection, Rolfe et al (2001) a framework for reflexive practice and Kolb (1984) to name a few. But because this is my first time to write a reflective essay, after some thought I have chosen to use Gibbs reflective Cycle (1988). Because it seems straight forward and easy for a novice like me to grasp. In accordance with the health professional council (HPC 2008) with regards to the protection of patient and colleagues confidentiality they wont be named.


I was in Theatre under the guidance of my Practice Supervisor (PS) as a Trainee Operating Department Practitioner. The operation in progress was the only case schedule for that particular theater. The Scrub Practitioner (SP) called me over to help with the conduct a Sharps count. Which we proceed to do following local Trust Protocol (Trust policy 2008), and found that a suture needle (SN) was missing. This was in agreement with my PS who had counted earlier with the SP.


On learning that the SN was missing I was surprised and curious. Another sharps count carried out by myself along with the SP, only confirmed the pervious counts done before, an SN was missing. This only added more intrigue to this mystery, I was starting to get a little anxious, where could this needle be?. These feeling changed however when I was told I could go home and...