2501 - Professional Learning Journal Assessment (PLJA) – Mentoring

This reflection relates my first mentoring session of year 2 DTLLS on 07 October 2010. I was pleased with how my relationship with my mentor had developed over year one and we had both agreed to devote more dedicated time to meet during year two. As a result, I was meeting Nadia at her home, in order to avoid work distractions.
I found myself really looking forward to this meeting, eagerly organising my year 2 file in preparation. I also researched all four year 2 modules and earmarked two sets of PLJA’s that I was keen for Nadia to feedback on and had thought through the areas that I thought I needed to work on in order to succeed in year two.

Why did it happen?
I think that my mentor and I both really looked forward to this meeting and had prepared well. I knew the areas that I wanted to review and had thought them through beforehand.   My mentor knew that I was pleased with my progress in year one and was keen to build on this in year 2, with this in mind I think that she wanted me to think about and acknowledge the successes and consider how I could build on these. I had prepared the areas that I felt would be the key in achieving more in year two but these were not strengths they were my weaker areas.
We started off reviewing year one and I was able to highlighted several high points but was keen to close in on my weaker areas:
• Critically analyse theory and accurately reference
• Write effectively within the word count
My mentor was keen to explore more fully what had gone well. She had noticed a change over the last year and acknowledged that I really enjoyed going to college and that I was enjoying my learning. She suggested that looking at strengths and building on these as well as just focusing on perceived weaker areas may make a bigger difference to my year two performance.

Never totally comfortable talking about strengths I found it quite difficult to...