Sexism Reflects Language

“Man is a social animal”
In Pakistani society this level of discrimination is further intense, we never accepted a professional women. The stature of an ideal woman is household wife, daughter or sister. This attitude highly affects the choice of professions for a woman. A female mechanic can be in Europe but not in our society. This type if technical professions are considered male oriented. There is no space for woman in such vocations. Sexism has perpetuated in this culture profoundly. Women of the family are responsibility of men; honor and grace of the family do not allow them to go out also for some utilitarian purposes. In fact a family with a servicing lady is considered disrespectable. I want to cite here an article “Pakistani society on women” by Nahl. She says “there also exist certain role plays which make people expect certain attitude and opinions from women which are very different from what they expect from men”.
No doubt man has man has reached to moon and lot of development has made in all walks of like but attitude of sexism still present in conscious. And sexism reflects the language we use and make this discrimination strong and bare. As I have cited an article in the beginning of this paper, the writer says that some people don’t like even female drivers in our society but now females have to drive to fulfill the demand of the time. And our language is also responsible for provoking these blunt and direct expressions toward feminism.