Reflection of Me

Reflective Essay

Born Emanuel Hospital by Crystal Kelly and Edmond McIntosh, the two who created me, one’s last name was given to me and one’s care was given to me. I have no father figure or someone to hold my hand. There is a chip I carry on my shoulder I don’t even know what it is, but it keeps me occupied. My destination is to be a man of all traits. Life is normal to a certain extent, but others may feel life for me is excellent. It is not. There is more to my book. There is kid with a smile that rarely appears, but seems to have everything made by carrying himself a certain way. Life has taken a weight, but has not broken anything. Definitely building power and endurance.
Once fourteen my life seemed it would be smooth. I have never been one to get in anything if it wasn't worth it, but I was definitely known for losing it. I came into high school with a job, sweetest girl, and friends I still know today. I had no main goals, but I definitely set them my freshman year. Track was were you couldn't touch me I was fast and energized, but then I met obstacles which weren't obvious if I would recover.
Beginning of my Sophomore year. I was in a new home again, and with as always it’s new environment too. The road wasn't smooth at all, but things slowly got better. I became less social. My heart was lost and life was a joke. My mind just left and I was just there doing some work. Everything started to pull together again, but this was the dangerous part. I was comfortable in my new environment. I set some more milestones went to state my sophomore year track and placed eleventh in state in the 3200 meter relay. There was still a grudge with my mom nothing ever worked out between us, because I am easily satisfied and she always wanted better. Everything went on and soon I would lose everything again possibilities for next year and my sympathy towards anyone.
Expecting it, I moved to FVHS. My environment was like my freshman year in Arizona. Mexicans and...