Reflection Statement

Name: Leah Clark
Student Number: 12007518
UGC project E-journals

Week Number | Entry Comments |
1 | This week we had our first meeting we met as a group to discuss a name for our consultancy group and create and design a logo using Photoshop. We made a team chat using Facebook where we can converse on anything to do with our consultancy project to ensure we can always contact one another easily. We also appointed Charlotte our team leader.We had a meeting with the client and we prepared questions and talking points to ask. I made notes and recorded the meeting for our research and minutes.We took a team photo with the client. The meeting went well, we were professional and the client seemed happy.We organised a client visit to Derwntside college to meet again with the client to see the college and get detailed information to begin the process. We were professional and prepared questions, took notes and engaged with the client effectively to gain all the necessary information to being the project for the client.Use of IT: Microsoft offices software, Adobe PhotoshopTeam working: We worked as a team to come up with our team name and help design the logo. We continued to use ICT skills throughout the project on a regular basis.Business and customer awareness: We were business aware and met the clients needs.Communication: Throughout the project we used effective communication skills, conversing on a regular basis through our group chat to plan, ask questions and organise meetings. |
2 | We met to discuss the brief and started doing secondary research. We made a list of areas we needed to conduct secondary research initially in terms of types of social media.We discussed as a group how we wanted to present our report and decided upon using adobe in design to create the report template.Analysis skills: conducting secondary Team working: group discussion about the report and concluding a decision as a team. |
3 | We started to discuss ethics and what form...