Essential Skills

Embedding Essential Skills Reflective Statement


Upon Reflection of an essential skills group activity the importance of embedding essential skills throughout lessons became apparent. According to Freiberg, (2002) it is highly important to embed essential skills in the lesson planning process. In the case of my own subject area, students are required to take part in personal development and self esteem enhancing activities. This subject is not literacy, numeracy or ICT based, however according to Angelo and Cross, (2002) to develop essential skills in any subject area several classroom assessment techniques can be implemented into lessons to enhance learning.
During the lesson opening while stating the ILOs, literacy can be embedded by asking the students to write on the board or read from bullet points displayed, this is an activity that can provide feedback for the student and teacher both aurally or formally and can also promote active learning.
Using Technology to enhance learning can also be effectively implemented by using video projection to encourage listening skills and note taking which also embeds literacy, focusing on writing skills. Using notes taken from videos can help give students a tool for entering into classroom discussion and debate. This can help them become more expressive and articulate, helping them interpret research or their peer’s opinions.
The interactive white board can improve numeracy and literacy in many ways, as it can be used as an assessment tool for both teachers and students to highlight gaps in vocabulary, spelling and grammar. Also using ICT for word processing in applications such as word is beneficial for enhancing such skills. For example using word to ask students to word process a list of classroom rules can provide interactive feedback for the student as well as formal feedback for teacher.
Numeracy can be improved through using the interactive whiteboard to access games for key stages on...