Developing Individuals and Teams

Developing Individuals
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List of Contents:
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 Introduction
 Factors involved in leading a team to achieve agreed objectives
 Factors involved in leading a team to achieve agreed objectives (continued)
 Current competencies of individual and teams
 Development of the competencies of individuals and teams
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 Reference and Bibliography
 Reflective Statement

This assignment focuses on how within my role I can develop individuals and the team within an organisation. As I work in a Nursery I will be referring to ways in which I can do this within this setting. I will also be talking about the role and responsibilities of the manager and how important it is to discuss issues with your team, as you are their first point of contact and they rely on you for results.

Factors involved in leading a team to achieve agreed objectives
Some of the factors involved in leading a team to achieve objectives are,
• Motivation- The manager needs to get to know their staff and show an interest in each individual to get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Good managers will then provide opportunities to utilise their staffs strengths.
• Commitment- Especially when working with children staff need to have a commitment and a passion for their job as some days can be challenging and under certain circumstances you may need to work overtime or cover in other areas of the nursery.
• Communication- is the key factor to a smooth running organisation. When effective communication take places it provides you with a stimulating and welcoming environment, leaving employee’s feeling valued and they understand their role.
• Team work- essential when running an organisation. Using individual’s strengths and weaknesses to form a well balanced team.
Enthusiasm is an essential when working with...