Reflection Exercice

Session 08 Motivation - Reflection Exercise

I would like you to reflect on 2 moments in which you added value and you were really proud of yourself – Please describe these 2 moments in details and the reasons why you were proud of yourself. Once, you are done – look at the common themes across stories and think about the things that make you feel confident, that are unique to you, the contexts in which you excel etc… we will debrief this in class. Bring a copy of the exercise to class with your reflection on what enables you to thrive. Please post your two stories and your reflection on blackboard - There is no right or wrong answer.

First of all I would like to specify that I desperately lack confidence; as a consequence, I am hardly ever proud of myself. I spent time thinking of what experiences I could talk about and I found two moments quite relevant but in which I think I did not add value.

The first one is when I danced for my optional course during high school final exam, the exam you have to take in order to obtain your high school diploma. For this exam, students from all the different Tahitian high schools had to perform at the same place. I knew many people from my dance school who had taken this optional dance exam, thus I knew they were very good in dance performing. All the candidates had prepared months in advance their performance, took individual tutoring with professional dancers and trained every day. For my part, I did not wanted to take private lessons, I wanted this dance perform to be my own choreography, my own story, my own emotions but the most important part in this experience is that I did not want to train in advance. I only though about what my theme –schizophrenia- will be, what music I should take and what story I will tell dancing it. The only thing I really cared about was my costume since it is really hard to improvise on it! I went to the exam but I began to freak out as I saw those very good dancers performing as it was...