Reflection #1

Reflection #1 – The Light Between Oceans
By: Zoe Singer

Summary of part 1:

Tom, a former ww1 soldier takes on the job of a lighthouse keeper hoping to escape the horrors he endured during the war. Wanting to live in complete isolation on Janus, he shortly meets Isabel a high-spirited and bubbly girl. After only two short weeks they decide to marry and both move to Janus. One evening after hearing a baby’s cry, they discover a washed up dingy carrying a mysterious dead man and a crying baby. Isabel having already had 2 miscarriages begs Tom to keep the baby to take care of it as their own. Tom having always stuck to his strong moral compass is having trouble keeping this baby a secret. On a trip home, they later discover that the baby’s mother Hannah is still alive. Isabel refuses to give up the child she has been raising as her own and Tom continues to struggle with the fact that they are doing something morally incorrect as Hannah continues to wonder where her husband and daughter have gone. Will they choose to return the baby, which is morally correct or keep the baby and raise it as their own, all a lie?

The light between oceans is a captivating novel from the opening paragraph. The author uses the technique of a “flash forward” to pique the reader’s interest from the start. The reader can’t help but wonder what role the shipwreck will play as the story unfolds. I particularly felt empathetic towards the character Tom Sherbourne. As I learned about his past, serving as an Australian soldier during World War One, I couldn’t help but want to see him find some happiness to replace all the horror and misery he had experienced. The author portrays him to be a kind and moral man, who prides himself on honour, justice and dependability. He is a likeable character, and I felt drawn towards his viewpoint as the story progressed.

The author is constantly giving the reader words of wisdom to contemplate. One of my favorites so far is “A lighthouse is for...