Record Keeping. Ptlls

3.1 explain the need for keeping records of assessments of learners.
There are a number of reasons for keeping records of assessments of learners. One of the main reasons for this is that it allows teachers t keep track of pupils progress of learning. By this, it means that a teacher is able to see how well a learner is doing, but also helps in keeping track of whether their overall grade or score does not decline but rather incline instead. If at any time grades or scores begin to decline, teachers are able to look at the progression of this and intervene if needs be to make sure that this can be changed and improved. Keeping records of assessment of learning can also highlight any areas which need improvement or extra support. It can also help in identifying if the learner struggles with a specific topic or subject by the grades or scores in which they are given. By keeping records teachers can aim to improve the areas in which the learner struggles and finds difficult. Keeping records of assessments is also vital for organisations such as Ofstead for when they wish to see individual and general scores of a subject, area of a specific subject and even the performance of the teacher delivering the material. These records can also be used for the teacher to track their own performance and see if learners understand the material that the teacher is delivering. Not only can keeping records of assessments help outline areas that needs improvement but also outlines and identify achievements.