Records Keeping

Question:- Explain the need for record keeping and describe the types of records you would maintain

When tutoring a course some thought needs to be given to record keeping. Records such as an attendance register, enrolment forms, scheme of work, lesson plans with a list of resources, health and safety checklists and accident forms are normally standard for each course. However there may be further information that needs to be kept, these will either be specific to the organisation you are working for or the course you are teaching. Guidance regarding record keeping will generally be given to tutors by most organisations prior to their start date.

Tutors also keep information to enable them to provide the course in a professional manner. Things such as schemes of work, lesson plans and tutor resource packs will ensure that they are fully prepared prior to attending a course. These will also prove useful should the tutor be unable to attend, due to illness, bereavement etc. as the supply teacher will have all the information to hand to enable them to carry on where the tutor ended the previous lesson.

The onus is not only on the tutor to keep records but the student should also keep copies of their marked & unmarked work, notes that they’ve taken and a list of resources they’ve used to enhance their learning. These can then be used as evidence when looking for a qualification from an awarding body, to enrol for another course or gain employment.

The organisation will also keep specific records to ensure that they are working within the law. These will include Equality & Diversity monitoring forms, health and safety checks including risk assessments and accident reports. They will also have to keep any reports regarding bullying, harassment and abuse of any kind. A record of the process followed to deal with theses issues and the impact this had on those involved should also be kept.