Reconstruction Essay

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Reconstruction Plans

During the Civil War as Confederate states began falling to the Union army congress didn’t know what to do with these states to bring them back into the US. Because there was nothing written in the Constitution about how to go about doing this someone had to come with a plan that would work to restore the US.

President Lincoln’s Reconstruction plan

He takes over the process because there is nothing written in the constitution about how to go about getting the states back in the us

Because the war was still going on he wanted to make it easy for the southern states that had fallen to come back to the US because he wanted the war to be over and he wanted to be victorious

If 10 % of the states population takes an oath of loyalty to the US that state was granted membership back into the US

He doesn’t say much about the slaves living in those states

Congress adds to Lincoln’s plan by creating and adding the 13th amendment to the constitution, this stated that slavery was illegal and they states coming back into the
US had to also ratify this amendment

Congress also created the freedmen’s bureau to help ex slaves out by creating schools and hospitals and helping ex slaves negotiate contracts for land and other things, this was under staffed to deal with the large number of ex slaves

Lincoln is assassinated before the war ends so he is not able to make any changes to his vision of reconstruction and VP Johnson takes control, this makes the north bitterer towards the south

Johnson’s reconstruction plan

He wants to preserve the US at all costs

He claims to be following Lincoln’s plan for reconstruction and even talks about being very tough on the South but he ends up making it very easy for them

Under his plan white southerners must take an oath loyalty to the US to get their citizenship, their property rights and the right to vote back

The wealthier southerners, the...
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