Reasons Why the Amazon Basin Should Be Preserved

I know that the Economical situation has made many people think about the destruction of the rainforest as a solution for this global crisis, but, as I see it, this global crisis has been caused by the human destruction of the planet. Some of the statements they might be using are:
  More land is needed for people to live on, because of the   rapid population growth that has started since the 1960s.
            Ranching: the multinational companies cut the trees   replacing it with grass for ranching.
    The truth is that we need the rainforest to survive. Some reasons are:
  Its vegetation continuously recycles carbon dioxide and   turns it into oxygen
      The indigenous population (more than 350 indigenous and ethnic   groups) that live and have lived in the Amazon rainforest for   thousands of years.
      Scientist estimate that more than half of all the world’s plant   and animal species live in tropical rainforest.
      About ¼ of all the medicines we use come from rainforest plants.   Ex.: Curare comes from a tropical vine, and is used as an   anesthetic and to relax muscles during surgery. More than   1,400 varieties of tropical plants are thought to be potential   cures for cancer.
      Many kinds of trees that grow in the Amazon rainforest do not   grow in other parts of the worlds, even on the lowlands of the   same rainforest.
    If these reasons didn’t convince you, maybe the consequences of the deforestation might.
  The clearance of trees means that there is no canopy (60 to 130   foot trees allows light to be easy available at the top of this   layer, but greatly reduced any light below it. It protects   the soil from erosion), and it means that the soil and nutrients   of the shrub will be unprotect and it could become into a soil   erosion and infertility of the place.
      Deforestation accelerates the Global Warming, and is a disadvantage   for...