Katherine A. Robertson-Spencer
History 151
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When did we begin to develop a need for writing as a tool of communication? How ancient is our language and who created the alphabet that we use today? Beginning c. 10,000 BCE in the Amazon Basin during the Neolithic period when the development of agriculture changed our way of living. Creating the need for keeping track of goods traded with other cultures. Our language has developed into a sophisticated system of communication with people all around the world. Without the ability to write and communicate, we would be unable to interact with other cultures. It’s an important tool used to keep records of our past and the ability to know what’s going on in the world we live in. Technology wouldn’t be what it is today if our earlier ancestors had not attempted to format a way to communicate. It was a useful tool in recording one’s wealth and keeping track of one’s trade goods when bartering with other cultures.
Thousands of years ago early modern man looks just like us. They develop a strong language skill and speaking is possible. We have the unique ability to create an image and imprint it upon a surface. It allowed humans to enter into another dimension unique among the animal kingdom. Giving us the ability to be the dominate animal on earth. When people started to diversify, they developed “complexity.” The development of river civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China; allowed for transporting goods along the river thus enabling them to trade between cultures. The bartering of specialized items such as: weavings, pottery, and animals produced a need to account for what was traded, thus “record keeping.” The beginning of civilization happens when things are written down called “Historical Records.” The shift from Neolithic [no writing system] to Civilization [record keeping] begins.
In Mesopotamia {c. 3200 – 1200 BCE} they created a pictographic...