The Suar People

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Jan 13, 2013
From Douglas Rinier
Shaur Warriors

Meeting the Headshrinkers of the Amazon Basin.

  The Shaur of a time long past were considered legendary, and a very fearsome people due to their un-settling rituals, and somewhat unique religious beliefs.
  What makes the Shaur unique, and feared even today, is there old time practice of shrinking the heads of their enemy, and even anyone who should stray into their territory.
  Due to the Shuar’s customs, and traditions, they believed that the shrinking of enemy’s head, also known as a (tsantsa) would also allow them to capture there enemy’s soul, but of course it also gained them the reputation of being a fearsome people that still holds even to this day.
  According to Marie McKeown of the practice of Head shrinking has more or less died out after the late 1950’s, mainly due to western influence, but it is still practiced even today in some of the more remote areas of the Amazon Basin, and in turn keeps the fear alive for both there enemy, and traveler’s venturing into the Amazon Basin.
  Due to the Shuar’s customs, and traditions many unexplained disappearance’s remain unexplained, and one can only wonder if perhaps they traveled a little farther into the Basin than maybe they should have, which also only keeps the feared reputation of the Shuar people very much alive in that part of the world.
  The Shuar live about 90% off the Rain Forest, there houses, there Medicines, most of the food’s they eat, even there canoes are all made from the Forest they feel at home in, the women are in charge of all the house work, the fixing of meals, and taking care of the children, and prior to the late 1950’s very few wore close, or shoes of any kind, that has changed somewhat over the years though and most of the children at least wear shoes these days.
  Even so that has not changed the Shuar’s Religious beliefs, or there old...