Reasonable Structure About Sand-Making Production Line

Present sand-making production line mostly utilize wet production craft. Whatever sand washer it adopts, it has serious problem of fine sand(≤0.16mm) run-off(more than 20%). Not only does this decrease the productivity, but also seriously influence the sand gradation, which results in unreasonable gradation and largely influences the product quality of the manufactured sand. What’s more, too much sand releasing will also cause dust pollutions. All of these are the reasons why we design and manufacture this machine.

Sand Washer has the characteristics of high cleaning degree, reasonable structure, cement mill, high output, lower power consumption and fewer sand lost in washing process. The transmission parts of sand washer are isolated from water and sand, which makes the fault rate much lower than that of the sand washer in common use at present.

Working principle: 1. The sand making machine is composed of motor, pump, cyclone, vibrating screen, pool and recycling box. 2. Sand collecting system working principle: The mixture of sand and water is transported through pump(A) into the cyclone(B), where they are concentrated under centrifugal force and dehydrated on the screen (C). Small amount of sand goes back to the poor(D) through recycling box(E), and the procedure starts all over again. The liquid will be discharged if it reaches the setted line. The sand content of the product is about 70%-85%. The sand collecting size is adjustable through adjusting the pump, thickness of the mixture, overflow amount and changing sand producer.

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