Performance Analysis About Sand Production Line

System of sand production line (building sand production line) generally materials such as quartz, limestone, sand making production line have the same production process, main equipment: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher (generally for two, PE jaw coarse breaking, then PEX jaw crusher machine, stone hardness is low, can omit the coarse broken), sand making machine (generally for impingement, also can be substituted for roll crusher), vibrating screen, sand washer, finished product sand, intermediate transfer belt conveyor materials. But have you ever analysized the performance of sand making line?

Sand production line a high degree of automation, low operation cost, high broken rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance, sand production mechanism conforms to the national standards, building sand product granularity, grain shape good, gradation and reasonable. Sand making line, sand equipment in addition to equipment boot downtime and maintenance besides, hardly need manual operation.Its high efficiency, low operating cost, large output, high yield, product gravel granularity, grain shape is good, accord with national highway material requirements. Sand making production line, sand equipment in the design of technological process, due to various crushing equipment reasonable matching, and rigorous cross space layout, so it has a cover an area of an area small, investment high economic benefit, the quality of the ballast, powder characteristics of low productivity, equipped with advanced electronic control operating system at the same time, to ensure that the entire process discharging unobstructed, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

Configuration of Sand Making Production Line is mainly depended on stone specification, output and usage of stone of customers. We provide comprehensive presales, sales, after sales service in order to customize the most reasonable and economy production line for...