Design Points of Fote Sand Making Production Line

As the national various infrastructure, sand and gravel industry is met the opportunity of rapid development, system of sand production line design is very important craft, red star machine sand making machine research institute of engineers for detailed design for everyone.

1. At the beginning of a, broken material storage After hydraulic cone crusher crushing screening of three kinds of materials respectively by belt conveyor into three library circle.

2, the early broken material Gravel from the bottom of the gravel repository through arc valve discharge into the belt conveyor to 2 gravel library, with dust removal device of unloading device loading.

3, sand and stone powder sieving separation Recommended dry process production, sand production line equipment according to the four configuration, system sand materials produced mainly by the front cone broken 0 ~ 13 mm material is given priority to, consider making sand effect increasing part of 13 ~ 31.5 mm material, sorting device mainly use combined classifier, sand stone powder content in the control at around 5%. Because using dry production, in order to reduce the distribution and transport links in the dust, sand water treatment in the process of loading.Sand making system, vibrating screen and sorting system with dust removal device.

4 sand, finished product storage and distributionFg sand by belt conveyor into two finished-parts storage, powder machine transmission through ascension into the 1 2500 t powder library. sand from the bottom of the repository through arc valve discharge into the sand belt conveyor to two 300 t library, after water treatment factory, powder by cement bulk equipment factory.

5, the electric controlFactory equipment with a total installed capacity of 6500 kw, 0.4 kV equipment, equipment for three kinds of load (in addition to the computer system and fire fighting for important equipment is equipped with a UPS, to ensure the safety equipment), the rest do not...