Reality Tv

            Reality television is a common type of television in America. People love to sit back and enjoy the unscripted dramatics or humorous situations common. Reality TV has existed in different forms since these shows began. The term is most commonly used to describe the programs produced since the year 2000. Reality TV contains a wide range of topics but it seems to get most of America’s attention is reality dating shows. Every week millions of viewers tuned in to their favorite reality dating shows to see what pleasure and fights that happened and who had the better chance of winning and who will be eliminated. The plot shows that they had new contestants every week. The actors were able to observe that their fans truly loved their weekly shows. They decided to make a term known as "The Bachelor”. The whole season of the presentation was focused on one person choosing from twenty different women. Each week the crowd got to know each participant became more addicted to the show. Bachelor-like spin-off shows have come out recently to earn the title reality TV a whole new meaning. These shows are full of energy, craziness, drama, and sex appeal; this is what America got drawn to.

The first turn off display features a man by the name William Drayton, an African-American hype man, who is known as Flavor Flav. His career began in 1987 with his rap group Public Enemy. Flavor Flav is the “hype man” of the group. He kept fans entertained with his extraordinary selection of clothing and crazy personality. He then became a member of the Vh1 reality show “The Surreal Life,” which provides a record of washed up celebrities in a house to live together. He became so popular on the show. The directors of the season decided to give him his own dating business, and so the image “Flavor of Love” began. With continuous progressions of the show, the crowd got influenced and   got addicted to the image and therefore he could not do...