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Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Brick & Mortar Shopping
By:   Cathy Peifer

Traditional brick and mortar shopping has decreased and may soon become a thing of the past because of the increase of online shopping.
Since the introduction of online shopping, sales have decreased immensely in traditional stores.   While the company is still making the same, if not more, number of sales, stores are becoming smaller in size and cannot carry or display as much merchandise. Because of this, people are choosing the convenience of online shopping over traditional shopping. Consumers no longer have to wait until the store is open and can even shop while still in their pajamas. However, there are still many people who still choose to shop the traditional way of brick and mortar shopping.
With the increase of shopping online shopping, traditional stores are getting smaller in size and more widespread because of online shopping. The stores are still offering the same, if not a bigger selection, of merchandise, but only to online shoppers. The smaller stores do not have as much room to display or warehouse a huge variety of selections possible. But, if you are shopping on the internet, you have a vast selection of size, color, brand name at style at your fingertips.
When a brick and mortar store such as JC Penney’s has huge, retail stores, the overhead of running that store can be overwhelming. Traditional stores either have their rent, mortgage and insurance to pay every month along with weekly payroll for a large amount of employees. Websites for shopping have a much smaller overhead because there is usually one central location for homing the website office, the warehouse to hold the merchandise and fewer employees because there is less face to face customer service. If the warehouse gets overstocked on a particular item, the company can offer discounts online to consumers because they do not have to ship it to the store, which costs the company money. They offer the...