Britain 1960s

1. Describe the popular culture in Britain in the beginning of the 1960’s.

Popular culture in Britain in the early 1960s appeared in many shapes and forms.   It paved the way for what became known as the Swinging 60s.   Fashion, music, Television and film all contributed of the change in the era.   Influences from the United States were apparent and aided in the change of culture of the time.

Fashion was a new and exciting way to express the time.   Top designers, such as Mary Quant were given the opportunity to produce new trends.
Mary Quant stole the show with the popular mini skirt.   After the Second World War Britain took a while to recover and obvious signs of war weariness could be seen. Rationing was still an existence in the 1950’s and the style of fashion had been very bland and simple.” People were always careful to "make do and mend" their own clothing as times were still hard. However as time past into the 1960s, the new slogan was “Wear it today, sling it tomorrow”.   New vibrant and psychedelic colours were introduced and became the main stream look.
Clothes were much cheaper and young people could make their own trends on their own identity.   Fashion stores such as Quant’s Bazaar had been around since the mid-1950s.   Carnaby Street became the destination to search out a great deal of Catwalk fashions and High Street prices.   Super model icons such as Twiggy showed off these new designs and features in magazines brought the whole scene up to date.   Fashion was definitely a key feature of popular culture in the early 1960s, and embedded the interest in fashion for generations to come.

In the early 1960s, the American music scene was largely dominated by the rock ‘n’ roll genre.   The rise of Rock and Roll was the times of crazes which made the younger generation even more separate from the older generation. More dances were introduced such as the twist, hula hoops and the hand jive. The pubs were starting to get more popular with the...