The Rise of Mass Society

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                                  The Rise of Mass Society: The Gilded Age
U.S. History 1865 to 1945

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      The rise of mass culture influenced the beliefs and ideas of the American society that influenced economic and social growth in America. There was rapid industrialization, urbanization, transportation, innovations in science and technology, entertainment, and the rise of big business. Booming within this rise of mass culture were theatrical productions, concerts, spectator sports such as baseball and boxing, new forms of communication such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines.
Theater In The Gilded Age
      In the late 1800s, society in America was creating a growth of cultural activity. Following reconstruction after the Civil War, Americans were ready to return to a normal lifestyle, but this would prove to be quite different from what they were used to. The period that followed, however, was quite different from what the country was used to having Throughout the Civil War, people strove for a rise in industry, which led to the industrial revolution. As the new century approached, America's businesses and economy was booming that gave people a new view on life. People were ready to escape the grueling regiments of the Victorian era in search of more leisure time, time with family and friends, and entertainment. A rapid increase in industry was on the forefront which was good news for business people because there was money to be made in the vision of creating new forms of entertainment.

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      A popular form of entertainment during the Gilded Age was theatrical melodramas such as the introduction of...