One of the main reason I did not finish school was some of the trouble that I got into. Some of the trouble started   my 11th graded year in high school a lot of things were going good for me but as good as I thought they could get it begin to get bad. I really didn’t know how hard things could be for a young black man like myself that was raised in the ghetto. It was like I had a red x on my back every corner I turned.
One of the greatest things in my life was when I became third in chain of command in NJROTC. I was feeling untouchable, until I went to jail for something I didn’t do. That’s when I really start to feel how hard it really was for my race when you don’t have money. That’s was also when the justice system showed me that you really are guilty till you prove that you are innocent. My parents and I fought as hard as we can with the justice system but the justice system won, I had to take probation for two years.
After a year and nine months past I revoked my probation by running from the cops so I wouldn’t go back to jail but I did go back for 30 days. After I got out of jail two days later I went back for some weed that wasn’t mine it belong to a so called friend name Greg. By Greg not telling the cops it was his weed when the cops pulled it from the couch he was sitting on they said it belong to the booth of us. So life really start to get bad for me. I made it to court late for my trail and the judge gave me two offers one was to sit in jail till my next trail date, or sign for time served. And I choose time served because I didn’t want to go to jail.
Last but not least if I would of not got into any trouble I would of finish school. I made it all the way to the 12th grade and I still didn’t finish school. I also didn’t have nothing but a half of credit to go. But do to the trouble I got into and how hard it was for me I just gave up and started working, and now I feel that’s it time for a change. And a better life.