A Real "Change"

Do Americans realize we consume 25 percent of the world’s global supply of oil and only produce 10 percent? (Jervis, Welch, and Wolfe 1).   Since we produce such a small amount of our own oil and depend heavily on hostile foreign countries for our supply, something must be done.   President Bush and congress both lifted an 18-year ban on drilling off most of the United States outer continental shelf (Longton 1).   According to Jad Mouawad of the New York Times, with the ban now lifted, newer, safer deepwater oilrigs such as the Millennium can go to work pumping at depths of 10,000 feet, where about 80 percent of the United States gas and oil reserves have not been explored (1-2).   Drilling can be done safely now, Santa Barbara county California has just voted for new drilling off their coasts after experiencing a large oil spill in 1969 (USA Today 2). Obviously, offshore drilling is absolutely necessary to the benefit of our country.
One great benefit of offshore drilling would be a reduction of the now, outrageous price of oil and natural gas.
Secondly, offshore drilling will reduce our dependency on foreign oil.   According to Linda Longton, “For years we have   begged at the feet of foreign leaders, putting us in a position of extreme weakness and leaving us vulnerable to the situation we find ourselves in right now”(1).   In addition, Longton sais we depend on it so much; $330 billion is pulled from our economy annually (1).   Giving such large quantities of money to nations that have committed acts of terrorism against our country is downright ludicrous.   Our dependency on foreign oil is killing our economy.   If we begin to be self-sufficient, it would not only create more jobs but would strengthen the economy as well.  
Lastly, the greatest reason for offshore drilling is the enormous amount of untapped oil and natural gas deposits off our coasts.   According to Oren Dorell of USA Today, “The Interior Department estimates there are 86 billion barrels of oil and...