Reading Letter

Mackenzie Fausto
                                                                                                                                R.L. #7
                                                                                                              Mackenzie Fausto
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Zach Doten
2451 N Sesame Street
Fairytale Land, NY 85018

Dear Anissa,

Hey!! How are you doing?   I am reading a book called The Christopher Killer by Alane Ferguson.   I am on page 126.   I think this book is a mystery.   This book is about a girl named Cameron that is pretty much involved in police investigation because her dad is a police officer in investigation and she helps her dad a lot.   Her grandma is trying to help her choose her ways of life but she is going overboard and is pretty much taking over Cameron’s choices of life.

I think this book is very good because I like reading crime stories and investigation stories.   It is also very interesting to read it, because it makes you feel like you’re actually in the book yourself.   I don’t like it because I just don’t like the reason that people have to die, because it is very depressing.   I also don’t like that Cameron has to go through these investigations at such a young age, because sometimes it can be a little bit traumatizing.

One theme is just reading some of the murders in this book because some of them can express why these people killed themselves or got murdered or murdered someone else for most...