Palmer Notes

Ancients and Moderns-   Moderns are pointing to science, art, literature and invention, said that it was natural for people of their time to do better than the ancients because they came later and built upon their predecessor achievements. Quarrel never really settled but many were Moderns than. Also this was part of the challenge to official theorist in Louis XIV achievements.
The Messiah- Handel’s piece. First performed in 1741. Adeste fideles means o come, all ye faithful.
Germaine de Stal- Famous salonniere, wrote widely red books. Criticized that the revolution didn’t do much to change.
Origin of Inequality Among Men-
The spirit of Laws-
Philosophical Letters on the English-
Freemasonry- Formed in England. Soon spread to continent. Masons were people who held Enlightenment views. Willing towards reason, progress, toleration, humane reforms, and respectful towards God as architect of universe. Met secretly in lodges. Nobles, clergy, middle class belonged to lodges. Some allowed women. Effect which brought people of different class together. Aroused suspicion because of secrecy.
Laissez Faire- “Let them do as they see fit”
Political Arithmetic-
Madame de Geoffrin- For 25 years beginning about 1750 organized conversations of artists and writers at dinners. Sometimes helped family financially, introduced them to persons of influence in high society or in government. Welcomed visiting foreigners, like Horace Wapole, David Hume from England, Stanislas Poiatowski before he became king of Poland. (women)
Decline and the Fall of the Roman Empire- Book written by Edward gibbon, who shocked the religious people by his attacks on Christianity.
Pietism- Stirred the Lutherans of Germany, stressed inner spiritual experience of ordinary persons as separate from the doctrines taught and debated in theological faculties.
Emile- De Chatelet French writer. (women) Translated Newton and explained...