Random Process Essay

On The Basics of Rocketry
When you were a small child, did the wonders of space call out to you? Did you grow up thinking that you were destined to be an astronaut? Do you watch the space shuttle take off and wish that you could be a part of that wondrous program to send people into the great beyond? Look no further as you are enlightened on the subject of rocketry and how easy it can be to build your very own functional rocket out of common household commodities. Here you will be taught step by step how to build your very own rocket! (spaceflight not guaranteed)
The materials you need to build your rocket are two match book matches or wooden stick matches, one small square of aluminum foil, a paper clip, and, last but not least, a safety pin. With these simple objects that almost everyone has inside his or her home will send you well on your way to being a rocketeer. Make sure you have a clean place to assemble and launch your rocket to ensure maximum safety for everyone and everything in the area. Try not to launch this rocket in areas with flammable objects such as into a trashcan or into your household propane supply or even into your sisters hair, as these are generally bad ideas.
The first step in creating your homemade rocket is take one match and wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around the match-head, turning it as you might screw on the cap to a water bottle to get the foil wrapped as tightly as you can. The tighter you get the foil on, the less likely it is that the foil will fall off, leaving you with a flying fireball that is routinely looked down upon by parental figures.
The following step in the process is to make a small hole in the foil wrapped around the match head by inserting the point of the safety pin and bending it slightly upwards. You should insert the safety pin along the edge of the matchstick where the foil tapers off the match head end. This action should be very familiar to anyone that has a handheld gaming device or even...