Communication Analysis

Individual – Heart Group Process Report/Analysis of Top Shelf Consultants
Anita M. Ayers
University of Missouri

As various communication mediums are being used to communicate; successful outcomes of groups are the result of essential and effective communication within the groups’ decision making processes.    
Dr. Nancy Spaeder; professor of the class:   Group Decision Making Processes; had mandated the enrolled students to form into small informal groups in order to perform the necessary coursework of the class (Small Group and Team Communication, Fifth Edition, Thomas E. Harris, John C. Sherblom, Pg. 67-68).  
Our group; The Hearts was initially formed the first night of class, through a random process, conducted by a substitute professor.   This process consisted of each student being given a playing card.   Students were then grouped together based on same suited cards.   The cards’ suit was the determining factor for the naming of each group.  
Contact information was exchanged as well as the group project instructions.   I believe the first group decision made by consensus was that one group member was identified to email the contact information in order for our group Wiki to be constructed on blackboard (bb).   Group members were directed to communicate using various forms of media i.e. phone, face-to-face (ftf) and computer mediated communications (cmc).  
I believe that the Wiki was not utilized by this group to its full potential.   I found the Wiki to be a difficult and confusing tool to use; but tried to use it at least every day.   I found fact to face to be my preferred communication media.  
The Hearts group was given instructions on the first group assignment (consulting firm) as well as time to work through the first stage of the Four-Phase Model known as Forming.   During the forming phase, the Hearts group met face to face (ftf) and initially experienced primary tension since we had met for the first time and had a large assignment to complete...