Raising Attainment and the Impact on Enjoy and Achieve

Curriculum Studies
Task 2

“Education is what survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten” (Skinner,B.F 1984:484)
The aim of this essay is to discuss the present coalition government’s current agenda for the review of the school curriculum as they place yet more focus on raising attainment, in particular at primary level. I will be considering the impact this is having on the children in my primary school, focusing on one diversity issue in particular. I aim to look at the ways in which we deliver the curriculum in order to meet these expected targets and   look at how this builds on the Labour government’s initiative, Every Child Matters “enjoy and achieve” strand.
The Every Child Matters policy was a Labour government initiative that came about as a direct result of the unfortunate death of a young girl (Victoria Climbe). The central aims of the Every Child Matters framework is the protection, nurture and the improvement of life chances for all children throughout England and Wales.
The development of every child matters was as follows:
September 2003: government green paper was published.
March 2004: Every Child Matters, next steps document was published.
December 2004: Every Child Matters, Change for Children and the five outcomes was published (Cheminais, R. 2008:5)
“Enjoy and Achieve” is one of the five outcomes of the Every Child Matters (ECM) directive. For a child’s needs to be met under this strand he/she must attend and enjoy school, embarking on a journey that is personal, enriching and socially developing. Our aim in schools is to fulfil these expectations whilst at the same time raising the educational achievement of the child, address any disadvantage that they may experience and close educational gaps that may have arisen due to their economic background.
The term “curriculum, can be, and is, used, for many different kinds of programme of teaching and instruction” (Kelly.2009:5)
According to Kelly the term...