Rainbows End

Good morning teachers.
The Idea of belonging is entirely in the mind of each and every individual, and though most share very similar qualities, every body’s perception of “belonging” is somewhat different. The base definition of belonging is having a connection with a person, place or environment, which is the main idea shared throughout everybody’s perception of belonging.
From that base there are many aspects, which make up the unique senses of belonging. One can belong to numerous situations such as; their family, themselves, their society, acquaintances and many more. You belong to any of these, once you feel a certain connection whilst in their presence, which is commonly followed by happiness, security and comfort.
Though there are good aspects of belonging, there is also a negative side. Belonging is not always present in everyone, and a lack of belonging provokes feelings of being lost, detached and disconnected, and is usually present when excluded, or entering a new environment or place.
These ideas of belonging are portrayed in the two texts “Rainbows End”, a play by Jane Harrison and “The Red Tree”, a book by Shaun tan. Rainbows End, focuses on three generations of an aboriginal family called the Dears. They live in a small rural settlement on the banks of the Goulburn river, dominated by a white society.
talk about there struggles there living through Then say these ideas are portrayed through the use of techniques one of these techniques is “A technique Harrison utilizes is the use of sarcasm in “We’re second-class citizens in our own country” shows the alienation towards the Indigenous Australians as they are discriminated against for having black skin List two more then Link your other speech by saying Similiarly in the text blah blah then introduce and repeat techniques