The Concept of Belonging Can Be Explored and Received in Various Ways.

The concept of belonging can be explored and received in various ways.
Belonging is a fluid and changing concept which changes as the individual grows an understanding of them, and the people around them moreover belonging is dependent on the fulfillment of different sub categories, social, cultural, historical and personal, for an individual to belong one needs to, to some extent fulfill some of these aspects. The texts rainbows end by Jane Harrison, little miss sunshine by_____ and the island by___ explores how the concept of belonging can be received and portrayed.
Jane Harrison’s play Rainbows End explores the shared experiences of an Aboriginal family living in a rural community in the 1950s. The concept of belonging in this text is developed through the characterization of the three female protagonists, who all come from a different generation over the course of Indigenous struggle. The responder is offered a profound insight into the shared hardship of the Aboriginal Community, through the exploration of themes such as family, shared struggle and adversity, the composer uses a family of three women to expose the effects of past treatment and how a sense of belonging can be formed among the marginalized.
The family members have different viewpoints and opinions on the white community and their position as an aboriginal. The composer forms the characters viewpoint through the use of dreaming sequences. The responder is taken to the characters sub-conscious mind, reflecting the internal landscape. It is during these dreaming sequences that the responder is given the characters longing for acceptance from white society, this technique not only portrays the characters longing for acceptance but also the characters acceptance of their situation, as the composer has intentionally not given Nan dear a dream sequence.  Nan dear is against white society and uses this to form her identity as an aboriginal, Gladys desperately wants to be white, she is the product...