Journey Essay, Motor Cycle Diaries + Another Ordinary Rainbow

Journeys are the backbone of all changes in the world, and without change the world would be entirely different. At the core of all forms of literature, journeys are always present, change is what makes them more apparent. The destination of these journeys are what creates change, but with one persons journey creating many more for those around them it becomes the more important factor.

Physical journeys are often used as the foundation for a more valuable inner journey, ‘motorcyle diaries’ a film dikrected by walter salles is a perfect example of this.T
the film follows tow characters, Ernesto and alberto who travel across south America. Throughout the film the pair face numerous challenges and are foced to rethink a lot of their ideas and beliefs. This is magnified in Ernestos case, being the one who transforms the most.

The opening line describes how this story isn’t of “heroic feats” but just of “two lives running parallel for a while” just as a journey does not have to be a spectauclar event for an incredible change within one person or the whole world.

The start of the film marks the befining of several journeys that in turn trigger more. Ernestos ideas of what he is capable of changes throughout the film as he incounters new cultures and people. Before setting out on this trip his only plans were to finish his mediacal degree, that he was hesitant to complete. Through the characters they encounter on their journey, he learns the injustices the impoverished face and are exposed to people they wouoldnt have encounteres in their hometown, such as the mining couple who had there land taken away from them. With this new knowledge and experience he decides he wants to help people by getting into politics. on his birthday he makes his first political speech saluting the people of south America.

Multiple scenes of the pair walking down long, dusty roads, empty with the exeption of a passing truck and in one case a little man carrining a heavier load...