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Are you feeling old but your age does not match how you feel? Are you already having difficulties with injuries from falling, arthritis, and osteoporosis? Then you might want to go see Dr. Albert Comer. He is an orthopedic doctor that just might have answers for you on how to promote a healthy musculoskeletal system. We just happen to have Dr. Comer here today.

Me: Hi Dr. Comer, so what is the musculoskeletal system exactly?

Dr. Comer: Hi Mrs. Sims, well, the musculoskeletal system is made up of all the bones and muscles in your body. Both bone and muscle health are equally important. Bones are what protect organs and provide your body the structure that it needs. Muscles are what make your body move and rely on the bones to work properly.

Me: I know a lot of people that suffer from arthritis, what are some of the risk factors for arthritis?

Dr. Comer: There are several things that can cause a person to develop arthritis. Almost anything from the shoes you wear to what you drink when you wake up. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential to lessen your risk factors.

Me: What are some specific things we can to help prevent arthritis?

Dr. Comer: Well if you are wanting to decrease risk of getting arthritis like I said having a healthy diet and life style goes a long way.

Me: What about osteoporosis, what are risk factors and prevention methods for this?

Dr. Comer: When it comes to osteoporosis there are several risk factors, however most of these factors are not under anyone’s control. These factors are race, frame size, family history, sex, and age. The more factors you have the more likely you are to get it.

Me: So get on down to see Dr. Albert Comer at the orthopedic institute to see what your risk factors and how to prevent them.

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