Qcf Unit 4&5 Level 2

Unit 4
The term duty of care is the legal obligation that you have when in the position to look after vulnerable individuals to protect them from harm and support them to lead a fulfilled life working to high standards and all legislation’s and policies.
I have a duty of care to ensure that the service users we care for are safe, protected from abuse by other service users, staff, carers, friends and family. I therefore work within the safeguarding policies and procedures and it is important that I receive adequate training so that I can recognise and understand signs of abuse. It is my duty to record of all relevant information when an accident or incident occurs in the workplace. It is my responsibility to report any improper conduct or suspicion that I think may contribute to abuse. Duty of care and safeguarding work together because it’s my duty of care to provide protection and safety for a vulnerable adult whilst at the same time respecting their needs and choices
Individuals need support with personal care and choose not to accept support.                       Individual wants to do something you feel is unsafe or could present a risk to the individual. Individual alleges abuse but doesn’t want you to speak to anybody else.                                                   It is the service user’s right to refuse this service if they want to. It is my duty of care to ensure that service users are supported accordingly and when they refuse a service that I record and report this. People with a learning difficulty have the same rights as anyone else in deciding whether or not to engage in a particular activity. It is important as it is my duty to ensure service users’ safety
Training, supervision, from my Manager, the internet and also from appropriate professionals such as the GP or the person’s advocate
All complaints and concerns are dealt with fairly in my workplace and we respond to individuals’ needs. All complaints...