Unit 205

Unit 205

Outcome 1

1)Define the following types of abuse ?

· Physical abuse
This is an act that a person inflicts physical pain on another person, it can be defined in any situation where a care worker will cause physical harm on a service user. A form of physical abuse is:
· Burning/scolding
· punching
· pinching
· force feeding
· pushing with force
· biting
· slapping
· pulling hair

· Sexual abuse
This is an act that a person inflicts unwanted sexual behaviour on another person. It can take form when a care worker makes a service user or user's take part in all kinds of sexual acts which they are not willing to take part in, such as taking inappropriate pictures, get into unwanted sexual situations which could last a short time but happen quite frequently.
· Emotional/Psychological abuse
This is an act a person inflicts on another person by exposing another person to behaviour that will result in psychological trauma which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety. Emotional and psychological abuse is when a care worker threatens or is bullying a service user (user's ) by laughing or shouting at the service user or criticising everything the service user does or even not respecting the service user's individual needs by ignoring their religion, disability and being very impatient as the service user may not be fast enough in what they are trying to do.

· Financial abuse
This is an act a person inflicts on another person by taking over all their finances. It is more easier to financially abuse a service user when they live in their own home as its easy to make the service user unaware of what's going on as its just the care worker and the service user. Financial abuse can be a form of preventing a service user from accessing their own money or possessions and even theft of money and possessions. This could also lead to getting the service user to change their will, signing over any properties or unexplained debt.